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Chef Joan Roca wins the Top300, followed by Rene Redzepi and David Munoz

Milan, October 1st - The results of The Best Chef Awards 2018 have been announced at the gala evening at the Teatro Vetra in Milan. In the presence of more than 300 chefs and industry professionals, chef Joan Roca won the Barilla Top300 Award of The Best Chef, followed by chef Rene Redzepi in the second and chef David Munoz in the third place. 4th place went to Bjorn Franzen and 5th to Jonnie Boer. The category rankings look totally different from last year, with winners from Italy, Dubai, Puerto Rico,

Sweden and the US. The 2018 list includes chefs from 41 countries worldwide.

The winners of The Best Chef Awards

 The most renowned awards went to a couple of familiar faces, as well as several newcomers.

- Barilla Top300 Award winner: Joan Roca, Chef of El Celler de Can Roca in Giron, Spain. It is already second year for Joan Roca to be “The Best” as he already took the first place in 2017. The second place was for Rene Redzepi and the third place went to David Munoz.

- The Best Chef City Gourmet Award winner: Andrea Aprea of Restaurant VUN Andrea Aprea at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Milan. This category award recognized the best chef

and restaurant in the host city of the yearly award show.

- The Best Chef Rising Star Award winner: Bros’ - Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Poti from Lecce in Italy. These young chefs won this award as an appreciation for their talent and progress in

the world of gastronomy.

- The Best Chef Fol-LOVERS Awards winner: Grégoire Berger from Ossiano in Dubai. As a big thanks for appreciation and dedication of The Best Chef’s followers this award was introduced only this year to celebrate the opinion of the audience of The Best Chef on social media.

- The Best Chef Pastry Award winner: Antonio Bachour from Puerto Rico, currently working in Miami, US.

- The Best Chef Lady Award winner: Emma Bengtsson from Sweden chef working at

Aquavit in New York, US.

- The Best Chef FoodArt Award winner: Matt Lambert from Musket Room in New York, US.

Awards from the heart of the gastronomic community

The scale of The Best Chef Awards and its exclusive character is the most highly influential in the culinary world thanks to their network of the world’s best chefs and social media influence. They currently boast over 48 million monthly visitors who also contribute to the voting process. The chefs are awarded honorably on their skill and everything it represents to be The Best Chef, therefore chefs are awarded as an individual and nationality and not by restaurant. To award a chefs accomplishments inspiring new talent and new talent being recognized by their peers igniting creativity all over the world with their followers or “fol-LOVERS” as The Best Chef like to say, is the greatest part of The Best Chef.

A global awards gala

The awards gala is a global event with chefs attending from all over the world travelling from United States, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Japan and from all over Europe for the hottest culinary gala. This year the chefs attended The Best Chef Awards Gala in Milan where dishes created by different Michelin-starred chefs and traditional Italian products like Pizza Gourmet, prepared by Pizza Master Gennaro Nasti (Bijou-Paris), were presented. Moreover 2 Michelin star chef Nick Bril - who brought Deep house music to the world of Haute Cuisine with Sergio Herman in the trendy and beautiful old church now called The Jane Antwerp - has been DJ'ing at the event, together with the

Biggest Italian DJ Joe T Vannelli & Bros.

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