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Floriano Pellegrino


Isabella Poti

Restaurant Bros'

Bros’ is a project by Floriano Pellegrino

Food, Culture, history of nutrition, humanity survival on planet, saving resources, life quality, peace, home, Mediterrenean culture are the themes he tries to put in the dishes he design with Isabella every day. 

Bros’ is placed in Lecce, Puglia, Italy. Floriano worked with Martin Berasategui, Luis Andoni Aduriz, Eneko Atxa, Alexandre Gauthier, Rene Redzepi e il francese Claude Bosi

in Londra before deciding to open Bros’. 

During the time spent abroad he understood the need of a new Food Italian Renaissance, able to open up to the new world culture but ready to go deep in its history to bring back its values for a new world sensitivity.

Lecce in the middle of the Mediterranean see, in the past the centre of the cultural and gastronomic world. So it’s time to bring back those values and sustainable sensitivity that came untouched through the centuries till our grandmothers.

So, never forget that beauty will save the world, and we as Italians have to follow

this value more than anybody else in the world.

Pratical information

Restaurant Bros'

Address: via Acaja 2, 73010 Lecce LE, Italy

Phone: +39 0832 092601

Facebook @brosrestaurant - Instagram @brosrestaurant

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